352Creates. Yarn bombing

“Yarn bombing” part of 352Creates, a new creative event that promote health and community engagement, was dedicated to MS disease.  Several knitted art pieces were installed at Volta. Thank you all who participated: …

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352Creates: Yarn Bombing

352Creates is a single day on February 26, 2016 of community-wide art making, demonstrating that creativity can be fun for everyone, and can make our communities stronger and healthier. It …

352walls. Volunteer Recruitment

352walls/ The Gainesville Urban Art Initiative is an international public art project taking place in the heart of North Central Florida. It will offer residents and visitors an opportunity to

352walls – 2501&G.MATTA

The first of 352walls was produced by an amazing internationally renowned Italian artist 2501 who travels with his partner G.Matta. It was their first stop on a 40-day road trip across …