Behind the mural

This video shows the process of preparation for the mural, the artist in progress and some people that remained to be unknown but without whom it would be impossible to accomplish the artwork.  Thank you!! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and to those strangers who agreed to be interviewed.

I really like the new mural. It makes a great deal of Gainesville look a lot more beautiful by taking something really old. Like I remember SKYY bar was there.  Way back in the day… Now the mural there that shows that we can take something old and not useful… I mean. Not many people looked at it ……. You know, we took a piece of Gainesville and turned it into art piece, that shows Gainesville has a lot to grow and there is a lot of things around that we can make become better area for this place and many projects to come… – The first stranger at the intersection of W. 2nd St and University avenue.


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