Grove Street Neighborhood

Grove Street Neighborhood is a community project that aims to beautify and revitalize the historic, inner city Grove Street Neighborhood in Gainesville, Florida. Founded by award winners, community activists Iryna Kanishcheva and Maria Huff Edwards. Coordinated by the team that includes Iryna Kanishcheva, Maria Huff Edwards, David Edwards, John Wilson, Rachel Sommer, neighborhood supporters Mary Mehn, Tom Salmon, and Greg Stetz. For more info read the article, visit FacebookInstagram.

Line Up 2017

Steven Speir (Gainesville), Rachel Sommer (Gainesville), Liza Cholodkova (Gainesville), Gaia (Baltimore), Ruben Ubiera (Fort Lauderdale), Nicole Holderbaum (Jacksonville), Shaya (Orlando).


Powell’s Plaza, 219 NW 10th Avenue, Gainesville, Florida.

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