Halloween Production on The 34th St. Wall

The purpose is creating something nice on the 34th street rather than fraternity and sorority junk or just some garbage. We are trying to bring a cultural and artistic environment to Gainesville  – P.

A team of Gainesville and Jacksonville based artists got together in order to produce an artwork on The 34th St. Wall. Point108 tells us about the project:

Generally , I try to organize a large regional gathering seasonally or approaching main holidays with the intention of collaborating on a relevant theme. In this case, October was a few days away, so I decided to focus on a general Halloween theme. This time around we didn’t spend too much time organizing a specific theme for various reasons. Primarily, because it was short notice and I just wanted everyone to have fun and creative freedom. This definitely was not like our Marvel production which took us about a month to plan and coordinate properly. This was more laid back. Besides, there were 5 artists coming from Jacksonville, I wanted them to not stress too much on accuracy and simply have a good time with the Gainesville artists.

34th st wall, gainesville

As far as my own piece, I decided to do a Beetlejuice  cartoon theme, a cartoon rendition of the popular movie from the late 80’s starring Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, and Alec Baldwin. I chose the Beetlejuice face to replace my letter O and Lydia Deets at the end of my piece. MOGE set himself to the right of me and chose to collaborate with me by adding Beetlejuice arms coming out at the ends of His piece and using the same color background.

34th st wall, gainesville

To the right of Moge, Cent from Jacksonville took up an entire panel with his precise geometric style lettering. He creatively plays with dimensions as his bits and arrows cut in and out of his letters. His palette choice is usually on the pastel side and its apparent he has mastered it down to a science, one can even call it Centism. As far as his theme, he had originally sketched a Chucky character from the horror movie, Child’s Play. You know? The One with the demonically possessed child’s doll. Although the sketch came out perfect and we we’re all anticipating its completion, time did not allow for it progress any further as they needed to begin their long drive back home to Jacksonville.

34th st wall. gainesvville

At the far right end, Jacksonville’s own Kbmer painted a creepy bad guy from the Scooby-Doo cartoon as well as the mystery machine and his letter piece in the center. Kbmer does a lot of commercial murals in the Jacksonville area, so if you ever visit there, he would be your go-to guy.

34th st wall, gainesville

To my left side there was a blue piece by Amin from the previous Mega Man production that we decided to leave since it was practically untouched and we would’ve wanted him to paint with us if he was in town. Next to that was P. who touched up a previous piece that was also still intact. He actually added to it by bringing it more to life with some vibrant accents to his 3D and force field. The red color he chose to place behind his piece really pushed his letters outward and contrasted his black background. Although, he was only there briefly he also made time to paint a large side profile character, a sort of avatar he’s been developing lately that portrays in an iconic way certain aspects of himself. This includes the character holding in each hand a piece of the Morro Castle and Elegua, a deity in the Yoruba theistic pantheon symbolizing both his Afro-Cuban heritage and faith. I look forward to seeing the further development of this.

My character is an avatar kid that became a man too young and has always just wanted a chance to play. – P.

34th st wall, gainesville

Continuing down the wall we see a rendition of a large green Cthulhu by Jacksonville’s own ASXIII. Cthulhu is a cosmic entity created by writer H.P. Lovecraft and first introduced in the short story “The call of Cthulhu”, published in the pulp magazine weird tales in 1928. There have been so many various renditions over the ages but ASXIII really surprised us with his distinguished and vibrant version of Cthulhu.

34th st wall, gainesville

To his left our dear Jacksonville friend James aka Van creatively illustrated what appeared to be a kind of unique Addams Family-esque characters of a boy and a girl brewing the letters “VAN” in a witches cauldron bubbling in a green stew. He certainly demonstrated his creative skill on this considering the amount of limited space he was working with.

I was inspired by the Addams Family TV show, I used the sinister brother and sister duo Pugsly and Wednesday Addams, they are synonymous with dark treacherous things so I painted them with my piece in the middle of a witches cauldron as if they are burning it. – James.

Finally, a mummy by our friend who joined the group later.

34th st wall. gainesville

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