Interesni Kazki. Internationally Acclaimed Ukrainian Muralists Arrive in Gainesville

The famous duo — who go by Interesni Kazki and are from Kiev, Ukraine — is participating in the second phase of the 352walls urban art project, which began in October, by painting a large mural on the side of Market Street Pub at 112 SW 1st Ave. Interesni Kazki arrived in Gainesville Monday night from New York City. Bordusov said they expected the weather to be warmer than that of New York City, but it hasn’t been better than up north.

However, Bordusov added, “Gainesville is more quiet and fresh than New York City, and we really enjoy it.”

Manzhos said working in the cold is uncomfortable and working in the rain isn’t possible. If weather permits, they will work in the daylight from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., excluding a lunch break. The hardest part of painting a mural is starting it, Bordusov said.

“Once we start to paint,” he said, “we will develop the idea during the work and develop the mural step by step.”

Manzhos said the Gainesville mural doesn’t have a name yet and might not until the work is done. The two will start from different parts of the wall and integrate their work together….

Interesni Kazki, Baltimore, Mural, Open walls Baltimore

Interesni Kazki does not name the mural they painted in Baltimore, MD in April, 2012.
Vladimir Manzhos, 34, from Kiev, Ukraine, said every mural they paint has a secret to decipher, and this piece is a secret for them.
Photo courtesy of Iryna Kanishcheva

Read the full article by WUFT team here.

This team helped initiate the urban art movement in eastern Europe, and have gone on to paint their fantastical images around the world including works in Italy, Australia, France, Mexico as well as in Los Angeles, New York and Wynwood Walls in Miami. The name Interesni Kazki translates to interesting fairytale or story, and their whimsical images incorporate themes of science, religion, cosmology and social subjects transporting the viewer to through a unique universe of symbolic, complex and dreamlike compositions.

“Every single piece… contains a secret to decipher,” mentions Bordusov.

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Come to see a new mural by Interesni Kazki at Market Street Pub, 112 SW 1 Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601


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