Mural Party at Visionary CrossFit


The first of several murals has been painted on the outside of Visionary CrossFit, a combined gym and art gallery. The murals and the business are the collaboration of Jesus Martinez and Carrie Wachter Martinez, two self-taught artists from Gainesville.  The creation of the murals will culminate with a Mural Party and Art Show.

Our goal is to share our art and creative vision with the community. Art is a tool we use daily to create beauty and express ourselves. Art has saved both of our lives, it has been our greatest form of healing. It only makes sense to share it with as many people as possible to inspire others. – Carrie.


Jesus derives his art background from the graffiti scene of Miami; he is currently growing in fame for his amazing whiteboard art which he uses to frame the workouts he programs for the gym.  Carrie is a visionary artist and surrealist painter who regularly creates in the front window of Visionary CrossFit, giving traffic a glimpse of the artist’s process as they pass by.

See all the murals at Visionary CrossFit, 716 N Main Street, Gainesville.


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