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352walls/ 352Creates
March 10, 2016

352Creates @ Lot 10 was recently held in downtown Gainesville as part of a community-wide day of artmaking. This collaboration between the UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine program and the City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Department featured live music, hands-on art activities, spoken word poetry, and a community sing-a-long. The event […]

352Creates. Yarn bombing
March 6, 2016

“Yarn bombing” part of 352Creates, a new creative event that promote health and community engagement, was dedicated to MS disease.  Several knitted art pieces were installed at Volta. Thank you all who participated: Dania Magee, Michael Magee, Anna Morozova, Nika Morozova, Rimma Morozova, Paulina Oswald, Mike Sizemore, Nataliya Lebedeva, Natasha Tihomirova, Iryna Kanishcheva. Facebook page of the event. I […]

The Village Journal: Inside the walls of 352
February 12, 2016

….The project planning started in earnest in February of 2015. Part of what made 352walls a smooth process was Kanishcheva’s preparedness. She came in with a proposed budget and a list of benefits beyond cool art. Urban art helps stimulate cultural development in cities around the world, it stimulates local economies and even brings art […]

  Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti / 2009 Authors: Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain This guidebook to covert textile street art features twenty kick-ass patterns that range from hanging shoes and knitted picture frames to balaclavas and gauntlets, teaching readers how to create fuzzy adornments for lonely street furniture. Along the way, […]

352walls. Video
February 4, 2016

Downtown Gainesville has been transformed by the 352walls Urban Art Initiative through the work of eleven renowned international muralists and 13 of the region’s best artists. This initiative is part of an international urban art movement that will strengthen our cultural stature and change the nature of our community with creativity. For more information […]

352walls. Pastel. Interview with the artist
January 18, 2016

How did you find those flowers, how did you choose the colors? As always, I work with local identity, with history, the geography, the society, how the city grows and all what is going on around and then try to use all this information about plants through local nature, as a symbol of identity. So […]

Six years ago, Iryna Kanishcheva knew nothing about street art. She studied business and pharmaceutical sciences, unaware of the murals she would soon come to love after traveling Europe. After moving from Ukraine to the U.S. three years ago, she wanted to share her newfound passion with the residents of her new hometown: Gainesville. Kanishcheva […]

352walls. Clea Lauriault. Stencil technique
December 27, 2015

Clea is one of the selected regional artists of 352walls. She created the first in her life mural using stencils and layers of spray paint. Read about stencil art form here. There is a performance aspect of painting in a public space that is very exciting. When creating a work for a commission or for […]

352Creates: Yarn Bombing
December 19, 2015

352Creates is a single day on February 26, 2016 of community-wide art making, demonstrating that creativity can be fun for everyone, and can make our communities stronger and healthier. It is energetic pop-up style art-making opportunities inside every open door and in every public place, reaching everyone in the 352 community. If you do not […]