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352walls – 2501&G.MATTA
June 25, 2015

The first of 352walls was produced by an amazing internationally renowned Italian artist 2501 who travels with his partner G.Matta. It was their first stop on a 40-day road trip across the USA, the first mural in project ‘Glimpse of America.’

May 26, 2015

– What’s your name or artist name, if you don’t mind to say? – My name is Ryno. – Is that what we see on this wall, right? – Yes, R-Y-N-O. – Where are you from? – Bronx, New York. – New York?? Why are you here? – Just to paint. – You came here […]

A mural by Sean Mahan
May 2, 2015

Imagined Agency by Sean Mahan Display Gallery, 439 S Main St, Gainesville, Florida 32601 Sean Mahan is a social realist figurative painter who works with graphite and acrylic washes on wood to depict a sense of wonder about the innate warmth of the human character

Old-school: Gainesville Graffiti Festival 2000
April 20, 2015

“Miracle On 34th Street: Beyond Extreme Graffiti Festival 2000″ was an event that went down 15 years ago in Gainesville, FL. Attracting graffiti artists from all around the country, it was an amazing (and very rare) opportunity for a bunch

34th St Wall
Marvel on The 34th St Wall
April 11, 2015

Ghost Rider, Dr. Doom, Hawkeye, Loki, Venom, Iron Man, War Machine… Various Marvel-character themed artwork appeared on the 34th Street wall. Who are the artists and why did they do that? Painting in progress.

A mural by Steven Speir
February 10, 2015

The Wooly, 20 N Main St, Gainesville, FL 32601. No longer on display. Steven Speir grew up in Birmingham, Alabama.  He spent the past seven years with his wife in Philadelphia

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