Old-school: Gainesville Graffiti Festival 2000

“Miracle On 34th Street: Beyond Extreme Graffiti Festival 2000” was an event that went down 15 years ago in Gainesville, FL. Attracting graffiti artists from all around the country, it was an amazing (and very rare) opportunity for a bunch of writers to get together, paint legally on a 1/2 mile long wall. The objective was to give the artists a place to paint legally so that they wouldn’t have to face the possibility of  arrest or even death.

The event streamed from the heads of local Gainesville graffiti artists Keams and Rubek. “One day we were just out painting, doing our thing, when we though… ‘Damn, you know what? If it was possible we could have one kick ass event out here. Get a bunch of heads together and just paint!'” Then they came to their friends at Beyond Extreme to get the word out to graffiti artists world wide. They put together a section on a website so that people could sign up.

…If you want to paint you need to email us to see if there is still room left for you on the wall. Also, you should try bringing up your own buff and paint from where ever you are coming from because we cannot promise you that there will be paint left at the 2 closest Walmart’s here. Furthermore, make sure that you bring some extra spending money (for food, drinks, the after party, and for anything else that you think you will need it for)!!! And if you need a place to stay then please email us RIGHT NOW so that we can try finding a place for you to sleep. Very Important: the wall will be portioned off on a first come first served basis. This means that the people that get there earlier will be able to choose the part of the wall that comforts them the most. Therefore, be there as early as possible so that you can get your spot and start painting. If the police approach you, you must be polite and cooperative. Don’t worry the wall is completely legal, so you can’t get into any trouble (as long as you aren’t doing anything else illegal or stupid…)

The response was great! Within a two month period, over 120 graffiti artists signed up wanting to paint on the wall! However, measuring the wall they could only figure that about 50 heads would fit on it to paint. The decision making was hard. They were able to pick the 50 best artists and friends and invite them to come out and show their skills. The list of artists that painted at the event include people such as AIR, ARMS, ASHER, ASIK, ATOMIK, BANE, BROKE, CALM, CEAS, CENZ, COED, CROME, CUE45, CUSER, DAME, DEEDER, DETEK, DEXO, DROE, ECKS, EON, ERA, EROS, EVIL, FUZE, GUES, HEVEN, INFOE, IST, JBUE, KEMICK, KEWS, LADEE SICKS, MARK, MBER, ONE67, PEST, QUAKE, RAZE, REEL, RES, RUBEK, SEMP, SET, SINER, SLUE, SUPA, TERMS, VSIT, VYNYL, VIER, and WIE.

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  1. VAN594

    that’s dope, a lot of legends on the list RIP “HEVEN”

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