New sound. New lighting. New decor. Come check the new and unique space in Gainesville that was previously known as Gallery Ultralounge. Douglas Palmieri was inspired by some Miami clubs. He wanted to create something with a special atmosphere. “I was trying to separate my club versus the basic clubs here in Gainesville,” said Douglas. Jenna Horner, an emerging local artist, has created a beautiful mural in support of the nature-themed concept.

Primarily I am a multimedia artist in addition to being a mural artist. I love to experiment with repurposing and recycling materials through paintings. Conceptually I love representing nature in any way that can promote positive interactions with our environment. I loved the idea of putting a big oak tree in the entrance of Realm, it’s always fun to place nature in spaces it’s not normally seen. I also love supporting the music scene in Gainesville, when visual art can collaborate with music it’s always fun to be a part of. – Jenna Horner.

The best in lighting, sound, electronic music choice, and atmosphere. Over Easy Creative, a Gainesville company specializing in immersive music and art events is going to break in the freshly renovated Realm with the opening weekend. Over Easy & Friends organize parties with the most talented DJs from across the country.

Realm Opening Weekend – Friday, June 30
House / Tech / Techno

Read more about the upcoming events on the project’s page.

Alligator: Realm, formerly known as Gallery, will bring new flavor to the familiar at Friday’s soft opening.

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