Sandhill Cranes

One of the oldest murals in Gainesville painted in 2008. Amanda Vaughn (main artist) teamed with Cheryl Corsiglia, Stephan Brown, and Scott Gregory to represent an idea.
This mural is a dedication to the sandhill cranes that come every year to Payne’s Prairie, that is migratory and seasonally bring life to parts of Gainesville–here, they represent the students at the University of Florida, that are also seasonal and yet so momentous to the thriving community of Gainesville. Visually, the mural is to be viewed from the left, and begins with paper cranes, that evolve into living avian cranes, and eventually mechanical cranes on a construction site (recognizing the constant evolving nature of Gainesville!). I painted this 9 years ago, and we used recycled house paint, so a lot of the colors have faded–yet it remains on the sun surgical wall!! I am so happy ya’ll be compiled these murals to share. It’s our legacy! – Amanda Vaughn.

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