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Ambergris Ink mural by Ruben Ubiera
May 22, 2017

A life-size decomposing beached whale. Vultures feed on it while flowers arise from the rotting carcass. A weird mural that recently appeared in the Grove street Neighborhood provoked conversations. Some people ask, “Who in their right mind would paint a decomposing animal being eaten by vultures on the side of a building?” and name it […]

Interview with Nicole Holderbaum
April 3, 2017

Tell a little bit about yourself. I was born and raised in South Florida where I went to art magnet schools for both middle and high school. I then moved to Jacksonville where I went to the University of North Florida. I discontinued my studies at UNF and pursued a career in art. For a […]

February 15, 2017

Botsy BeDrawn is a machine designed to take a digital image of any type (art work, company logo, technical drawings, sports team’s name, etc) and transfer the image onto a wall. Botsy can use any drawing device from pencil to marker to chalk to pen. The main function of Botsy is to give people the […]

352walls. L.E.O.
November 25, 2016

Reginald O’Neil aka L.E.O., participant of 352walls, tells about the meaning of his work and Gainesville. Tell me about the meaning of your work… This is a portrait of Richard Hallman who was a 16-year-old kid who got killed in Miami, Florida; he is the cousin of Tremont Harris and friend of Antonio Galloway. This is […]

352walls. Interview with Interesni Kazki duo
June 6, 2016

The popular Ukrainian duo Interesni Kazki, Aleksei Bordusov (AEC) and Vladimir Manzhos (Waone), announced they are not a duo anymore. This message was a shock for their fans, but every ending is a new beginning… Interesni Kazki world will exist in different form. Iryna Kanishcheva, the curator of 352walls, took an interview with the guys while they were painting […]

352walls. Interview with Elian and Franco Fasoli JAZ
March 26, 2016

GNV: Elian, tell me…  How did you like the wall? What were your ideas? Maybe you were thinking about something else initially…? Elian: My wall was divided into 5 panels, so I worked with the idea of progression or the idea of fading out because my wall is on the hospice; so I tried to relate […]

Train Yard
March 23, 2016

The only place in Gainesville where you can paint trains legally is The North Central Florida Yard…. Model freight trains have as much realism as possible: weathered, stained, and “tagged” with graffiti. Ras Luis Justo tells us about his fascinating hobby. What was the beginning?  I began painting models and miniatures as a way to cope with the […]

Podcast with Add Fuel
March 13, 2016

Add Fuel tells about his work, the technique of his work and the series of paintings he has done in Gainesville, FL. Read more about it here.

352walls. Pastel. Interview with the artist
January 18, 2016

How did you find those flowers, how did you choose the colors? As always, I work with local identity, with history, the geography, the society, how the city grows and all what is going on around and then try to use all this information about plants through local nature, as a symbol of identity. So […]

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