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352walls. Carrie and Jesus. Interview with the artists
December 14, 2015

I know you both are self-taught artists, you do not have any formal art education? How is it possible? Neither of us has gone to school for art nor taken a single workshop, but we have spent thousands of hours creating art and challenging ourselves to learn new techniques and master our skill. Anything can […]

Gaia: What Are the Aesthetics of Reinvestment
November 30, 2015

  Entitled ‘What Are the Aesthetics of Reinvestment’ the mural seeks to develop a portrait of downtown Gainesville and locate the theoretical framework behind New Urbanism and its influence upon gentrification. On this side, continuing from the genesis of New Urbanism, beginning at the top, is the state flower, the orange blossom, that would change […]

352walls. Rachel Sommer. Mural summary
November 14, 2015

One of the selected regional artists of 352walls, Rachel Sommer, tells us about the experience. What does it mean? Did you name it anyhow? For me the ocean and the birds represent freedom…it’s a girl just on the shoreline and she’s looking off into distance…So she’s very close to her freedom but she has this […]

Ras Justo Luis. Interview with the artist
November 3, 2015

Ras Justo Luis is one of the selected regional artists for 352walls/ The Gainesville Urban Art Initiative 2015.  He is a visual artist, printmaker, designer and owner of Upful Creations studios. Ras has a particular passion for projects that have a positive impact. I had the opportunity to meet with him on my recent visit to his […]

Gaia. Open Walls Baltimore. Interview with the artist
October 25, 2015

Curator of Open Walls Baltimore – Gaia – is a Baltimore-based street artist, who is receiving significant museum showings and critical recognition. He has been creating large-scale murals worldwide to engage the community where he works in a dialogue by using historical and sociological references to these neighborhoods (wiki). Tell me about street art in […]

Soul Cypher 15 Graffiti Expo
September 17, 2015

Soul Cypher is a free, 3-day hip hop festival and competition held in Gainesville, FL with the goal of promoting positive hip hop culture from the North Central Florida area.

May 26, 2015

– What’s your name or artist name, if you don’t mind to say? – My name is Ryno. – Is that what we see on this wall, right? – Yes, R-Y-N-O. – Where are you from? – Bronx, New York. – New York?? Why are you here? – Just to paint. – You came here […]