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Grove Street Neighborhood just finished its new mural located at Warrington’s Furniture Repair. The 10th artwork of the project combined art and technologies with a groundbreaking collaboration between two creative local artists Steffen Vala and Liza Kholodkova.  Steffen Vala’s design for the mural reflects the historic hand tools that the neighborhood’s artisans use in their workshops, all […]

June 23, 2017

New sound. New lighting. New decor. Come check the new and unique space in Gainesville that was previously known as Gallery Ultralounge. Douglas Palmieri was inspired by some Miami clubs. He wanted to create something with a special atmosphere. “I was trying to separate my club versus the basic clubs here in Gainesville,” said Douglas. Jenna […]

Ambergris Ink mural by Ruben Ubiera
May 22, 2017

A life-size decomposing beached whale. Vultures feed on it while flowers arise from the rotting carcass. A weird mural that recently appeared in the Grove street Neighborhood provoked conversations. Some people ask, “Who in their right mind would paint a decomposing animal being eaten by vultures on the side of a building?” and name it […]

352walls. Add Fuel’s Electrical Animals
March 13, 2016

Diogo Machado aka Add Fuel from Portugal did a series of seven painted urban equipment (GRU transformer boxes) throughout downtown Gainesville for the 352walls initiative. All of these interventions are part of the ‘Electrical Animal’ series he created specifically for our town. They are based on the ongoing reinterpretations of traditional Portuguese tiles but, with Florida’s fauna. Each painting […]

352walls. Clea Lauriault. Stencil technique
December 27, 2015

Clea is one of the selected regional artists of 352walls. She created the first in her life mural using stencils and layers of spray paint. Read about stencil art form here. There is a performance aspect of painting in a public space that is very exciting. When creating a work for a commission or for […]

352walls. Jenna Horner. Mural summary 
December 1, 2015

  Jenna Horner, one of the selected regional artists of 352walls: The intention of the my work is to encourage a dialogue about the beauty, complexity and mysterious nature of the natural world. I work as a multi media artist using various vintage fabrics, paints, dead flowers and other media in order to build unique, […]

352walls. Rachel Sommer. Mural summary
November 14, 2015

One of the selected regional artists of 352walls, Rachel Sommer, tells us about the experience. What does it mean? Did you name it anyhow? For me the ocean and the birds represent freedom…it’s a girl just on the shoreline and she’s looking off into distance…So she’s very close to her freedom but she has this […]

Mural Party at Visionary CrossFit
October 13, 2015

  The first of several murals has been painted on the outside of Visionary CrossFit, a combined gym and art gallery. The murals and the business are the collaboration of Jesus Martinez and Carrie Wachter Martinez, two self-taught artists from Gainesville.  The creation of the murals will culminate with a Mural Party and Art Show. […]

A mural behind Pop A Top
August 12, 2015

Pop A Top, 2 E University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601. Nick Kuszyk aka RROBOTS did this piece in 2013 along with one more mural at The Wooly for the F.L.A. Gallery. In order to find this mural you have to go through 

The Repurpose Project
July 9, 2015

Besides graffiti not many murals can be seen on The 34th St Wall. It is understandable why: paint and other supplies are expensive, creating a mural requires much more time than classical graffiti work and nothing