The Alligator: Muralists bring color and style to Gainesville

Six years ago, Iryna Kanishcheva knew nothing about street art. She studied business and pharmaceutical sciences, unaware of the murals she would soon come to love after traveling Europe. After moving from Ukraine to the U.S. three years ago, she wanted to share her newfound passion with the residents of her new hometown: Gainesville. Kanishcheva later submitted a proposal for 352walls, a project to expand urban art in and around downtown Gainesville. Each artist, she said, is bringing his or her own styles — developed in countries around the world — to Gainesville. Along with cities like Miami and Baltimore, artists involved in the project traveled from Argentina, Puerto Rico, Spain, Ukraine and elsewhere.

“I wanted to bring this kind of art in Gainesville because we didn’t have this before,” Kanishcheva said. “I wanted to bring this kind of culture and bring economic development.”

Russell Etling, the cultural affairs manager for the Gainesville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department, said he loved the idea. He said the murals have already advanced their plan to make Gainesville a cultural destination.

“We are receiving feedback from people who visited or extended their stay because of the murals,” he said.

Read the full article here.

Read an interview with Iryna Kanishcheva here.


2 thoughts on “The Alligator: Muralists bring color and style to Gainesville

  1. Robbie G


    Thanks for bringing the art to downtown! We have been noticing and enjoying it. Even my kids were saying it was a needed addition. Keep up the great work and ideas! Town was getting a bit boring. This definitely adds some flair.

    Thanks to the Alligator for publishing you, so I knew who to thank.


  2. J.L.

    Hi Iryna!

    Reading the article about your project in the Alligator probably made my day. I’ll tell you why:
    I’m from Bogota, Colombia. A city that earned a Banksy tag circa 2008. I was raised in North Miami Beach just 15 minutes from Wynwood, the New New York of art. I grew up listening to Atmosphere and ex-b-boys-turned-musicians. I have always been in awe of urban art. Unfortunately, this translated to a huge disappointment upon moving here in August 2014, when I came to realize that Gville has a pretty lackluster urban art scene. I want to thank you for trying to change this…

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