The Free Wheel Spoke Easy. A mural by Steven Speir

A new colorful mural appeared on the backyard of The Freewheel Project, initiated by Ryan Aulton (Executive Director, co-founder and co-owner of Pleasant Cyclery,) with the help of Cesar Antonio Evans, Steven Speir, Hector Galvez and Neil Elliott.

It was a large task, first being the size of the wall which is roughly 18′ high by 50′ wide. We had 2 people working majority of the time, but luckily found help from friends, Hector Galvez and Neil Elliott, who were generous with donating hours of their time. Very positive experience with Ryan from Freewheel for supplying materials, and an extremely gracious attitude. We worked on this wall roughly 3 days, delivering 25 hours of our time in an effort to beautify this great space! – Steven Speir.


The Freewheel is a full service bicyle shop focused on education and community. Bike Library is a collection of commuters, cargo bikes, trailers, and other bikes that cyclist’s could benefit from having access to, but would not neccassarily want to own. With a library card, members are able to check out these bikes as needed to have some extra bikes for visiting family or friends, or to transport high volume loads. The Freewheel will host several educational workshops and programs that will work to empower cyclists.

It’s f***ing awesome! I love it! It changes the whole back area. Yeah… I know Cesar for a long time. I just reached out to him and he brought Steven aboard… – says Ryan. He appears to be really happy.

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