Mar 9, 16

352Creates @ Lot 10 was recently held in downtown Gainesville as part of a community-wide day of artmaking. This collaboration between the UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine program and the City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Department featured live music, hands-on art activities, spoken word poetry, and a community sing-a-long. The event also dedicated the completion of the 2015 phase of the 352Walls/Gainesville Urban Art Initiative.

352walls/The Gainesville Urban Art Initiative

Feb 4, 16

Downtown Gainesville has been transformed by the 352walls Urban Art Initiative through the work of eleven renowned international muralists and 13 of the region’s best artists. This initiative is part of an international urban art movement that will strengthen our cultural stature and change the nature of our community with creativity. For more information visit 352walls.org



Jul  15, 2015

Although graffiti can be associated with gangs, crime, and vandalism, when done legally it can be a beautiful method of self expression and bring lots of fun… Read about the project here.

Revive. The Repurpose Project

Jul  12, 2015

Read about the project here.

2501. Behind the mural

Jul  06, 2015

This video shows the process of preparation for the mural, the artist in progress and some people that remained to be unknown but without whom it would be impossible to accomplish the artwork.  Thank you!! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and to those strangers who agreed to be interviewed. Read more about the artist.


Apr  11, 2015

Ghost Rider, Dr. Doom, Hawkeye, Loki, Venom, Iron Man, War Machine… Various Marvel-character themed artwork appeared on the 34th Street wall. Who are the artists and why did they do that?

What Do You Know About Street Art?

Feb 19, 2015

Different people throughout Gainesville were interviewed at random in order to find out what they know about street art and what they think about it.