WUFT: Regional, International Artists Paint the Town with 352Walls Project

Kanishcheva, also the official photographer for the project, developed the idea based on her experience living in Europe and throughout the United States. Initially, she said she thought that Gainesville was too small of a city and the idea wouldn’t take hold. But after seeing similar projects in Hollywood, Sarasota and St. Petersburg, Florida, Kanishcheva told herself that size didn’t matter and presented her ideas to the city.

The City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department is functioning as the project coordinator, in conjunction with Kanishcheva, said Russell Etling, the department’s cultural affairs manager.

This is a really interesting example of citizen initiative that was in the right place at the right time and brought together a number of different entities to make it a reality, Etling said.

The artists were chosen based on experience and different styles of painting. These artists, Kanishcheva said, work with stencils, spray paint, brushes, abstract styles, classical styles and even pieces of cloth when creating their murals. The 10 murals at the Make.Work building combine different mediums and color schemes of art. Kanishcheva said she organized the murals in a general color scheme, starting with dark, monochromatic pieces that developed into bright, colorful murals. In the case of regional artists, she selected artists who both had and hadn’t previously worked with murals. She said she wanted to give these artists a chance to showcase their talents, as they may not otherwise have the chance in this capacity.

We wanted to find some new talented artists in Gainesville who probably could represent Gainesville in the international urban arts in the future, she said.

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