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The first of 352walls was produced by an amazing internationally renowned Italian artist 2501 who travels with his partner G.Matta. It was their first stop on a 40-day road trip across the USA, the first mural in project ‘Glimpse of America.’ A part of this project is a documentary which they plan to showcase at Miami’s Art Basel International Art Fair in December of 2015. This collaboration is very important for Gainesville. It is an opportunity to be included with Miami, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Rochester, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans and Las Vegas – the best art destinations – that also participate.  It is a chance to let the World know about Gainesville. To be a part of the documentary can open the door to new fields and projects on a way to bring cultural development, to beautify our town and to increase tourism. See the first short video preview to the project here.

Mural in progress from the beginning till the end:

… When you showed me the wall it was already seemed to me as the perfect one. What I’m trying to do lately, during the last year… to react with architectonic surfaces, try to build an alchemy between what is happening around the world. I’m trying to show more and more informative part, because I think this part is really important. This specific wall is an animation. The shapes can be related to natural form or even to technical form. We have a circle that is contrasting. It can be the Moon or a camera… As you said before, I put some triggers, my wall tries to be a trigger for imagination and more complicated thoughts… – Jacopo Ceccarelli.


Listen to the podcast with the artist. A friendly conversation about his projects ‘Nomadic Experiment‘ and ‘Glimpse of America’, new mural in Gainesville, perception of art, and what is the difference between street art and neo muralism.

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