352walls. Astral Plane 1 by Senta Acheé and Evan Galbicka

Astral Plane 1 by Senta Acheé and Evan Galbicka marks the duos first collaborative public commission. The two artists began painting together in the fall of 2014, filling The Church of Holy Colors with large canvases that explored possible interactions between color, organic line, and the human eye. For their 352walls contribution to the Hi-Fi building, Acheé and Galbicka continued this exploration, believing that the patterns and bright colors of their style would make a vibrant mark at this hub of downtown transit and renovation. The two artists paint together, alternating linear strokes to form a pattern of intuitive color stripes that waver on the wall, and overlap in spontaneous instances, giving rise to new color relations. The end composition is discovered through the process, allowing intuition to vitalize the formal framework of their approach. It was important to the artists that their mural attract the eye of passers-by, but not hold it or lock it down, just activate its movement and reflect a positive energy onto the South Main/Depot Ave intersection.

According to an unofficial survey, this work has been recognized as the most interesting by the majority of world-renowned artists who visited Gainesville.


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