352walls. Clea Lauriault. Stencil technique

Clea is one of the selected regional artists of 352walls. She created the first in her life mural using stencils and layers of spray paint. Read about stencil art form here.

There is a performance aspect of painting in a public space that is very exciting. When creating a work for a commission or for a solo show I don’t have to consider the aesthetics and attitudes of the whole public. I was giving a lot of consideration to the public, the works forming next to me, the site architecture and the neighborhood. Working side by side in very close proximity to other works was challenging as the neighboring paintings have unavoidable color interactions.

I tried to have a painting that seemed to be interacting with the piece next to me. It was the first time I ever used stencils and spray paint in a mural and I experienced some difficulties that I am excited to try again. I have a fine-art printmaking background so it comes naturally to approach it in layers, I learned that it is far more efficient to approach it in a commercial “spot color” method. – Clea Lauriault.

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