352walls. Jenna Horner. Mural summary 


Jenna Horner, one of the selected regional artists of 352walls:

The intention of the my work is to encourage a dialogue about the beauty, complexity and mysterious nature of the natural world. I work as a multi media artist using various vintage fabrics, paints, dead flowers and other media in order to build unique, highly textured surfaces. I thrive on bringing new life to old, unused materials and wanted to channel that passion within working on the 352 mural. The old surface of the building allowed me to enhance the texture that already existed to the space. I have done murals before in interior spaces but the 352 mural is my first time painting on an exterior space. I loved the opportunity to work with such a large scale.
The fabrics that I normally would adhere to surfaces in my paintings became stencils and tools for the project. I was able to manipulate an idea of a detailed surface by spray painting over fabric in a textile grid format. I experienced many challenges working with the fabrics this way, but learned a lot through experimentation. I make sure to approach every project with a willingness to fail, allowing me to learn from each experience I take on within the art world. This opportunity has been an Honor and a privilege to be apart of as a local artist. All the people associated with the project were a pleasure to be around and have been truly inspiring to my practice.
Big thank you to Iryna Kanishcheva, Russell Etling and Raquel Vallejo for the opportunity to contribute to the aesthetic of Gainesville through such an awesome, fun project.


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  1. Ellen Trainor

    Such a fun teacher! I hope to take more classes from you!

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