352walls logo352walls/The Gainesville Urban Art Initiative is a visionary multi-site project that transformed several existing and underutilized building facades into imaginative works of public art.
Founded and curated by Iryna Kanishcheva.
For more info go to 352walls.org, read the Press Release, visit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Line up 2015-2016 Curated by Iryna Kanishcheva

International artists: 2501 (Italy), Axel Void (Spain), Pastel (Argentina), Elian (Argentina), Franco Fasoli JAZ (Argentina), L.E.O. (Miami, FL), Waone & AEC Interesni Kazki (Ukraine), 2Alas (Cuba & Puerto Rico), Evoca1 (Dominican Republic), Gaia (Baltimore, MD), Add Fuel (Portugal). Gainesville based artists: Blake Harrison, Tiara Henderson, Jefreid Lotti, Carrie Wacher-Martinez and Jesus Martinez, Turbado Marabou, Rachel Sommer, Luis Justo Rodriguez and Point108, Evan Galbicka and Senta Achee, Clea Lauriault, Jenna Horner


The 352walls/Gainesville Urban Art Initiative was originally conceived by Gainesville citizen Iryna Kanishcheva. Having experienced and photographed urban art projects around the world, she saw the potential for changing her community’s cultural landscape and world-wide visibility by bringing artists with international followings to paint a series of murals throughout the historic downtown area. With the commitments from a roster of acclaimed artists and building owners willing to provide their walls, Kanishcheva approached VisitGainesville for project support. Immediately recognizing the potential of the project as a tourism development vehicle, VisitGainesville approached its long-time collaborator, the City of Gainesville, to see if it would coordinate the effort.

Iryna Kanishcheva was awarded 2015 Public Art Award for the significant and sustained contribution to the enhancement of the greater environment through public art. 

Seeing the project’s potential to brand the city as a cultural destination, the City assembled a project team who enthusiastically embraced the effort, albeit on a very tight timeline. To realize the vision to its fullest, the team secured additional project support and partners for the effort including the Gainesville-Alachua County Art in Public Places Trust, Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency, University of Florida College of the Arts School of Art + Art History, Héctor Framing and Gallery, Nautilus Realty, Florida Community Design Center, Benjamin Moore Paints and Gainesville Arts & Parks Foundation.

Iryna has single-handedly created something in Gainesville that did not exist … and has done so “the right way” by reaching out to some of the world’s most accomplished muralists. If the full extent of her vision is realized, this inaugural effort will lead to an annual expansion of mural art in the Gainesville area, with contributions by local/regional artists. Beyond the murals themselves, Iryna has also provided Gainesville and the arts community with something even more important – inspiration and a tangible example of what one person can accomplish if properly educated and motivated. Vision. Drive. Passion. Energy. Professionalism.

Assistant Director and Senior Project Manager with the University of Florida’s Division of Facilities Planning and Construction