Art and Technology. Steffen Vala and Liza Kholodkova

Grove Street Neighborhood just finished its new mural located at Warrington’s Furniture Repair. The 10th artwork of the project combined art and technologies with a groundbreaking collaboration between two creative local artists Steffen Vala and Liza Kholodkova.  Steffen Vala’s design for the mural reflects the historic hand tools that the neighborhood’s artisans use in their workshops, all in an effort to represent the energetic culture of Gainesville as a whole.

It was a pleasure to contribute to Grove Street Neighborhood murals. After getting input from the local business owners in the building, Warrington’s Furniture Repair, the goal was to paint something that resonated with them and would be eye catching from the road. This funky fresh block plane encompasses my love for woodworking and old school graffiti.
This wall was offered as a collaboration with Botsy Bedrawn and it was great to see what the robot could do. Fast and accurate, Botsy laid out details in the corner that I added to pay homage to Paul the street cat, killed by a car recently in the neighborhood.
Blending creativity of the 21st-century Maker movement and street art culture, the design for the mural at Warrington’s aims to represent the energetic nature of the neighborhood and Gainesville as a whole. – Steffen Vala.

For this mural Liza Cholodkova tried to use her invention, Botsy BeDrawn, to make the outlining work easier. Botsy is a machine designed to take a digital image of any type and transfer the image onto a wall. Botsy can use any drawing device from pencil to marker to chalk to pen. The main function of Botsy is to give people the tools to create and realize their mind’s creations. Read more about this tool in the article.

Steffen motivated me to design a system for street art mural artist who works on huge outside walls. He finished his mural and I’m happy to say Botsy helped. Steffen sent Botsy a squiggly pattern to trace on a wall with a hidden cat image. While Botsy drew the outline, he was able to start painting. Really happy with robot performance and happy with Steffen challenging the R&D of the robot. – Liza Kholodkova.

Community members were invited to observe the local artists’ creativity during the 352 Creates event that encouraged Grove Street Neighborhood to start this mural. Stop by at 818 NW 4th St, Gainesville, FL to see the result.

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