Gaia: What Are the Aesthetics of Reinvestment


Entitled ‘What Are the Aesthetics of Reinvestment’ the mural seeks to develop a portrait of downtown Gainesville and locate the theoretical framework behind New Urbanism and its influence upon gentrification. On this side, continuing from the genesis of New Urbanism, beginning at the top, is the state flower, the orange blossom, that would change the fate of the sunshine state. Farther down is a portrait of ‎Osceola‬ painted by ‎George Catlin‬ which was suggested by @1_3_1 . The Seminole figure gives a historical context to the violence of displacement. Finally the piece is concluded with a portion of the Union Street Condos and the lifestyle preferences of newcomers, a jogger. – Gaia

Listen to the podcast with the artist. We are talking about his work and the mural in Gainesville particularly.


Also, read an interview with the artist here.

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