The Going Vertical, Sarasota

The Going Vertical, Sarasota (FL)

The Sarasota Chalk Festival began its “Going Vertical” program in 2011, in which local, national and international artists are invited to paint on designated walls downtown. During the first year, the local press raved about a mural by Berlin-based artist MTO. This mural was quickly obliterated as a result of pressure from unnamed locals, who interpreted the hand mural as a gang symbol. The property owner had the mural painted over. This sparked a fiery discussion about the role of property owners and the censorship of mural art. In 2014 The Sarasota Chalk Festival along with Going Vertical moved to Venice, FL. Driving time from Gainesville: up to 3 hours. When: November 2016. 
Interview with the founder and CEO of the projects.

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