What is GRAFF art?.. Wait a minute, isn’t that illegal? Not exactly. Let me tell you why. Although graffiti can be associated with gangs, crime, and vandalism, when done legally it can be a beautiful method of self expression and bring lots of fun…

Says Alix Freck, children’s librarian in The Tower Road Branch, encouraging people to do something extraordinary with the family and to visit the GRAFF ART PARTY.

She is right! It was an amazing event and a lot of fun for the whole family: live dance music by DJ Solid, photo gallery by Iryna Kanishcheva, canvas gallery and live painting by local graffiti artists, spray paint for teens and adults, acrylic paint and brushes for kids, fake wall, free t-shirts! Everyone could create their own cool pattern using stencils and paint. The library collected some books about street art, graffiti and stenciling. A film about a new mural on the 34th St wall was screened. Plenty of hand-made ‘posters’ and t-shirts were created….

Read more about the event in the article.

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