Grove Street Neighborhood is a community project that aims to beautify and revitalize the historic, inner-city Grove Street Neighborhood in Gainesville, Florida.
Founded by award winners, community activists Iryna Kanishcheva (curator) and Maria Huff Edwards (neighborhood leader and coordinator).
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Line Up 2017-2018 Curated by Iryna Kanishcheva

Steven Speir and Sanders Soloman (Gainesville), Rachel Sommer (Gainesville), Liza Kholodkova and Steffen Vala (Gainesville), Gaia (Baltimore), Ruben Ubiera (Miami), Nicole Holderbaum and Martin Torres (Jacksonville), Chaya Av (Orlando), Ras Justo Luis (Gainesville), Bhuta Bhavana Das Adhikari (Gainesville), Jesus and Carrie Martinez (Gainesville), Jenna Horner (Gainesville), Campbell S. Caroll (Jacksonville) 


The Grove Street Neighborhood organization sees public art as an artistic tool to further its goals of stabilization, beautification, and restoration.  Initially just one mural, the project quickly gained neighborhood support and developed into a full-scale mural project with the unveiling of over ten artworks by more than 15 participating regional artists. The most significant artworks:

● A mural in honor of the local Afro-American icon, Civil Rights activist and educator Wilhelmina Johnson.
● Murals in Sidney Lanier Center for children with special needs. Among them, a mural honoring Tom Petty, the Gainesville-born singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and actor, who attended this school and murals dedicated to the Florida flora and fauna.
●   A mural for raising awareness about environmental issues that brought Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans, an international program, to Gainesville as one of many cities that have embraced this movement.
● A mural promoting repurposing and encouraging unity through “collaging” paint and fabrics in an urban environment.
● A mural in honor of the long tradition of poetry readings at Dreamers Garden.
● A unique collaboration where art and technology merge through the use of a robotic tool to design the mural and more.

The Grove Street Neighborhood Mural project has provided greater access to the arts for all citizens by cleaning up the area and using public art. The mural project brought new life and new businesses to Powell’s Plaza, once the location of Powell’s Beauty Academy, the once almost forgotten plaza.  The team have shown a true commitment to the local community to pursue the growth of the neighborhood into its own beautiful microcosm.

The Grove Street Neighborhood Mural Project was awarded 2018 City Beautification Board Award, Public Spaces Award for community enhancement.

In addition to the work of Iryna Kanishcheva and Maria Huff Edwards, contributors to the project include: Anna Prizzia, Grace Glennon, Kyle Spor, David J. Edwards, John Wilson, Mary Mehn, Tom Salmon, and many others.

Iryna presents a beautiful portfolio of street art that represents a classic form of artistic expression; activism. Bringing her international experience to her local community, she tells the story of how her experience enabled her to transform downtown Gainesville, FL into a sight worth seeing.
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