Interactive Mural by Insane51

The last year brought many innovative breathtaking artworks in the streets of numerous cities around the globe and we are proud to celebrate along. Among the most interesting pieces in the world, one mural is now in Gainesville, FL. A Greek artist Insane51, recipient of MURAL Awards in two categories – use of innovative techniques and people’s choice –  left his mark in our town.


Insane51 has garnered worldwide recognition for his ‘double exposure 3D style’ murals. His specialty is realism and photorealistic portraits combined with 3D and illusion effects. Since 2007, Insane51 travels the globe, painting walls at various street art festivals and exhibitions.

His last mural of 2018 was organized by Iryna Kanishchve of GNV URBAN ART LLC at the Florida Theater located at 233 West University Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601. The mural has double exposure 3D effect that shows different artworks when viewed through the red/blue lenses of 3D glasses. During the official celebration of the completed project, the first 35 visitors received FREE 3D glasses signed by the artist and handled by him personally.

As part of the mural celebration event, Gainesville’s own Marley The Messenger performed live along with Dorion James and DJ Robzilla. These Gainesville based artists brought a unique blend of Hip Hop, R&B and Turntablism to the “stage” of  The Florida Theater that is currently under renovation. 

Another local artist who participated in the project – Dave Peck – created a permanent installation for people to enjoy the magic effects of the mural. Amazing collaboration between a foreign artist and local community!


 Marley The Messanger Live:




Interview With Bill Bryson

The mural was sponsored by Bill Bryson, the new owner of the property who hopes to restore the venue while holding on to its history. GNV URAN ART took a moment to ask Bill Bryson a few questions.

How did you come up with the idea to do a mural at your property?

After being involved with 352walls and seeing how well the murals have been received downtown I decided to get a great mural for this building.

What do you think about the mural and the artist? How was the experience of communicating with the artist?

I am so pleased with the mural. It’s like nothing in town. And working with Stathis was a pleasure, getting to know him and seeing him in action.

What are the benefits of interactive urban art? Why do you think murals are important for the community?

Absolutely, the benefits are both tangible and intangible. The level of artistry is very high and provides inspiration to others viewing the murals. They also supply a new source of beauty in areas that were otherwise underutilized. They draw attention to the city and help define Gainesville as a city that appreciates and supports art, or inspires us to do so. There’s a valuable cultural exchange as well since most of the artists are from other countries, establishing connections between Gainesville and other places. People do come from all over the world to see these murals. The economic impact should be recognized as well since there is an element of tourism that happens due to the murals being here. I also appreciate the temporal nature of murals.

Please tell about the collaboration with Dave. How do you know this artist?

Dave is an old friend and sculptor who I’ve worked closely with on the Mass Visual Arts exhibitions. One challenge was finding the right film that will enable the image viewing in a similar manner that 3D glasses provide. Making something attractive and weather-resistant was another challenge. I think what he came up with is perfect.

How do people react to the mural and installation?

People have overwhelmingly been positive about the mural. Many have been astonished at the visual effect embedded in the image.

Would you reveal your plans for the property and when should we expect its official opening?

I’m renovating the theater to return it to being an active and attractive venue for concerts, film, and events. Not timetable at this point.


Interview With Dave Peck

Local artist Dave Peck shared with us his experience.

Please, tell a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and what is your background?

I was born in Pennsylvania, lived in Chicago and Ohio before moving to North Florida as a teenager. I attended UF and received a BFA studying ceramics and sculpture.

What is your experience in sculpturing? What of your artworks we can find in Gainesville? 

I have two pieces on permanent display in Gainesville. One is on the exterior wall of The Cardiac and Vascular Institute located at 1151 NW 64th Terrace behind North Florida Regional Medical Center. The other is inside the Boca Fiesta restaurant at 232 SE 1st Street next to the Hippodrome.

Tell about your experience working on this specific installation?

This particular piece was a fun project. Finding the correct colored filters was a little tricky. I’m still not certain they are exact 3D colors but it seems to work. The lenses are replaceable as well. The fabrication and installation were pretty standard. 1/4″ steel plate ‘glasses’ are welded to 1 1/2″ schedule 40 steel pipe cemented into the ground. I used the actual 3D glasses that Insane 51 provided at the mural’s opening as a template to resize.

Where can we find you on social networks?

I am not active on social media nor do I have a web-site. I have an instagram only @davidpeck. I can be contacted via email at My studio is located in Fort White, FL.

Do you personally enjoy the mural by Insane51? 

I am very impressed by this particular mural and was thrilled to contribute to it’s viewing experience. I think all the mural projects being undertaken in Gainesville are vitally important to enhancing our urban experience and they reaffirm Gainesville as a wildly creative community.

Watch an episode about the mural aired on WUFT:

Mural address: 233 West University Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601

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