Mural at Mo’s Garage Salon Experience

For the last two years, Grove Street neighborhood tremendously changed its look. Murals transformed black-molded properties into a cultural destination and catalyst for further development in the Grove Street neighborhood.

Iryna Kanishcheva and Maria Huff Edwards began a public mural project as a way of demonstrating a commitment to urban renewal and growth in their neighborhood. Named the Grove Street Neighborhood Mural Project, the initiative brought new life and new businesses to the once almost forgotten Powell’s Plaza for which both activists received the 2018 City Beautification Award.

Mo’s Garage Salon Experience has supported the tendency by organizing another mural in the neighborhood.  To complete the image of the new business, Monica Albert has commissioned artist Shawn Maschino to create a mural at her full-service salon which you can find at 910 NW 4th Street, Gainesville, FL.

The mural depicts a mid-century photo of Albert’s parents silhouetted by a beautiful Florida skyline, in Maschino’s signature style. This mural is personally special for Albert because it commemorates two very important people to her.

I genuinely love and support art in public spaces. I wanted to feature my parents in this mural because they’ve made all things in my life more meaningful. This picture represents a time in their lives and culture that is very romantic to me, including the Beat movement… so painfully cool. – Monica Albert, the Owner.

Monica mentions that the couple looks iconic and timelessly beautiful. It represents that good grooming never goes out of style.

The mural was created by Shawn Maschino, an artist living in Gainesville Florida.  As a fine artist, he concentrates on commercially driven imagery and works in many styles and mediums including collage, stencil work, sculpture, found objects, and anything else that can be gotten.  Working, also, in design and small-scale construction on several concept projects in downtown Gainesville including The Wooly, The Top, The Pop-a-Top Downtown and at Depot Park, The Dime Bar, The Atlantic, the Arcade Bar, Arrows Aim Records, The Palamino, as well as Satchels.
The GNV URBAN ART got an opportunity to speak with the artist about his latest mural at Mo’s Garage Salon Experience.


Interview With the Artist


How did you find this commission?

Monica invited me to have an art show at her restaurant Sisters years ago after seeing some of my work at another show.  When she began construction on Mo’s Garage I happened to be working with her contractor here and there.  She asked if I would want to do a mural outside and showed me the photograph of her parents and explained her vision.  I made a rough computer mockup and an estimate. She loved the idea.  This was technically my first mural.  I normally work on a smaller scale.  The photograph, however, worked within a style of stenciling that people are familiar with and consider “my style”.  Monica was familiar with a body of work of mine that entailed taking unfinished seascapes my father had painted and doing stencil spray painted portraits on top of them.  Furthermore, the most recent pieces of that series were of my grandparents.  So it all seemed appropriate.

You had to extend the actual photograph, how did you come up with this “extension”?

The photograph really only took up about a fifth of the wall.  I had to sort of extend the concept down forty extra feet of wall.  It was wildflower season around town and my wife was pregnant with our first child and we had been driving around looking at the flowers in the weeks prior to the mural, and it just seemed appropriate to have a standard Gainesville skyline.  A tapestry of dense pines and palms behind a field of wildflowers.  It could be anytime in Florida history.  A timeless idea of couples enjoying nature in springtime.  It worked well in the space as well because the photograph is really the focal point and the building just kind of fades back into a parking lot.

What do bubbles represent (if anything)?

The “bubbles” are really supposed to represent the fractured light spheres you see sometimes when looking into the sun.  It is really just a way to break up the visual field and it gives the eye somewhere to go.  It was a trick I would employ in my smaller scale work to hide mistakes or add depth.  They represent a little whimsy in life if anything.

Did you have any challenges or difficulties during the project?

There were a few missteps at first as I tried to get my footing.  I tried to approach it, as most muralists do, with a sort of to scale grid system to enlarge the photo, but that didn’t really work for me.  So, I ended up making a 10’x10′ stencil of the photo and sort of free handed the rest.  Once I had a good rendering of the photo the rest came easy.  The heat was a factor and I ended up working at night mostly.

Did you have any interactions with people while painting? How did passers-by react?

Everyone who I talked to during the process was very enthusiastic.  Several people stopped to talk.  I find that to be a sort of challenging part of the process. Personally, as an artist, I find it difficult to stay focused when being interrupted from time to time to talk about the work.  I started working at night for this reason as well.  That may be sort of offensive but I don’t mean it to be.  I am happy to talk about it after the fact in a different setting.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! GNV URBAN ART wishes you good luck and great inspiration in your artistic career.

Mo’s Garage Salon Experience holds an Open House event on Tuesday, November 13th. Discover why Good Grooming Never Goes Out of Style. Meet The Wench, The Ruski, and The Purist and see what the Garage Salon Experience is about. You will have a chance to win a prize and get discounts on services. Refreshments will be available, including wine and beer, and tasty nibbles. Please, visit Event Page for more information and be inspired!

My life has been full of creative endeavors. I revel in challenge and novelty. All I really need is to honestly express myself, work with my hands and make others feel inspired and good about themselves. I believe I can do that under any circumstances in my life. – Monica Albert, the Owner.

Address: 910 NW 4th Street, Gainesville, FL 32601.

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