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Orange and Blue Magazine: Painting the town.
“This captivating piece by Manuel Di Rita, who’s also referred to as Peeta, jumps right off the building. When looking at it, the eye can’t stop moving, and it might make the viewer stop and stare for a while. Di Rita lives in Venice, Italy, and was invited by Iryna Kanishcheva, the project manager and founder of GNV Urban Art.”

The Gainesville Sun: Defining Neighborhoods Grove Street Hidden Treasures and Secret Pleasures.
“And if you want to know just how eclectic this compact little collection of unassuming wood-frame and CBS houses, modest apartments and small businesses can be, consider that the motivating force behind Grove Street’s mural explosion was a Cuban immigrant named Maria Huff Edwards and Iryna Kanishcheva, a Ukrainian artist. They bumped into each other downtown one day and started talking. Edwards wanted murals in her neighborhood, and Kanishcheva knew lots of artists who craved recognition for their work.”

The Business Report: GNV Urban Art LLC achieves national recognition
“…Americans for the Arts has honored GNV URBAN ART LLC among 50 outstanding public arts projects created in 2018 through the Public Art Network Year in Review program, the only national program that specifically recognizes the most compelling public art. Chosen by public art experts, the roster of selected projects was unveiled at Americans for the Arts’ Annual Convention in Minneapolis. This is the 18th year that Americans for the Arts has recognized public artworks…”

Our Town: Oh, what a feeling
“…Iryna Kanishcheva, a local art enthusiast, is responsible for the genesis of murals in Gainesville…”

Our Town 2019 JAN-FEB (Gainesville)  

The Gainesville Sun: Achievers
“…Founded by owned by Iryna Kanishcheva and based in Gainesville, GNV URBAN ART LLC is among 50 outstanding public arts projects created in 2018 through the Public Art Network Year in Review program, the only national program that specifically recognizes compelling public art. GNV URBAN ART LLC and other selected projects were unveiled recently at the Americans for the Arts’ Annual Convention, held in Minneapolis, Minn. Americans for the Arts is a nonprofit organization that primarily focuses on advancing the arts and the arts and arts education in the U.S.…”

The Gainesville Sun: Insane51 paints 3D mural on Florida Theater
“…The unveiling for Insane51′s, Stathis Tsavalias, 3D mural will be on Sunday evening where the first 40 attendees will receive 3D glasses signed by the artist. Insane51, Stathis Tsavalias, works on his spray painted 3D mural on the back of the Florida Theater on October 17, 2018. Iryna Kanishcheva brought the Greek artist Insane51 to Gainesville to create this piece…”

WCJB: Students at Williams Elementary School Finish Murals on Campus
“…Maya Brown is a second-grade teacher at Williams Elementary School. Last March her students were learning about notable women in history as part of Women’s Month. She partnered with Gainesville Urban Art ( Iryna Kanishcheva) who volunteered to paint two murals for the school…”

CBS4 Gainesville: Sidney Lanier Garden aims to beautify east Gainesville
“…But Moffet did not stop there. She found Iryna Kanishcheva who organized muralists to paint the surrounding walls. “It’s a really great opportunity to do something meaningful because in most cases murals are done to beautify the area but in this case we are doing this for kids,” Kanishcheva said….”

CBS4 Gainesville: Gainesville’s 34th Street Wall: a long colorful history
“…Local photographer Kanischeva helps keep the history of this landmark alive. “I always see new paintings on the wall, I have to stop by and take a picture to save it for memories because tomorrow it will already be tagged or painted over, ” Kanishcheva said. “It’s not just like a graffiti wall. It accumulates messages from students, graffiti writers, some express their feelings some practice for mural,” she said….”

The Village Journal: Community Creatives Unveil Grove Street Art
Photographs by Iryna Kanishcheva.
“Iryna Kanishcheva then contacted the PangeaSeed Foundation for the activation of Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans in Gainesville, Florida. The mission of this organization is to generate awareness and stimulate dialogue and inspire positive changes surrounding global ocean environmental issues. Founded by award winners and community activists Iryna Kanishcheve and Maria Huff Edwards. The project is curated by Iryna Kanishcheva, coordinated by the neighborhood leader Maria Huff Edwards…”

The Village Journal: Inside the Walls of 352
Photographs by Iryna Kanishcheva.
“Even though Kanishcheva has not performed one brushstroke, the sense of accomplishment is apparent. She can say with confidence, the art initiative has made the downtown Gainesville community a more beautiful place. Like any community activist, her work is not done. She vows to continue to look for empty, forgotten walls in the area that, in her words, “want to look brave.” Bravery, after all, is the first step toward great art…”

Downtown Gainesville: Making Sense of a Mural for the Senses
“Iryna Kanishcheva, the 352walls curator, said people can interpret the massive artwork however they want to suit their beliefs. All she knows is that the mural is yet another beautiful addition to the downtown streetscape. “Everybody says it is the best mural so far,” she said. “But I can’t say that one mural can be better than another because each one represents a different style and a different subject.”

The Alligator: Muralists bring color and style to Gainesville
“Six years ago, Iryna Kanishcheva knew nothing about street art. She studied business and pharmaceutical sciences, unaware of the murals she would soon come to love after traveling Europe. After moving from Ukraine to the U.S. three years ago, she wanted to share her newfound passion with the residents of her new hometown: Gainesville. Kanishcheva later submitted a proposal for 352walls, a project to expand urban art in and around downtown Gainesville. Each artist, she said, is bringing his or her own styles — developed in countries around the world — to Gainesville. Along with cities like Miami and Baltimore, artists involved in the project traveled from Argentina, Puerto Rico, Spain, Ukraine and elsewhere.“I wanted to bring this kind of art in Gainesville because we didn’t have this before,” Kanishcheva said. Russell Etling, the cultural affairs manager for the Gainesville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department, said he loved the idea. He said the murals have already advanced their plan to make Gainesville a cultural destination.“We are receiving feedback from people who visited or extended their stay because of the murals,” he said. Kanishcheva met each artist on her travels, and now they’ve reunited to create murals that represent the city. “I selected the international artists because I tried to choose the best and most relevant ones,” she said…”

Gator Glob: Art & About: SW 34th St. Wall
“…Gainesville Urban Art Curator, Iryna Kanischeva, has created a web page dedicated to the ‘classical graffiti’ onGainesville’s 34th St. wall. Beautiful, dramatic photos taken by Iryna capture the color and variety of the the artists, their paints, and the art that goes on there almost daily. Ms. Kanischeva regularly updates the page with photos of the new art. Iryna explained, “We should really be proud of having such a great landmark where local artists have a unique opportunity to practice and develop their skills,  Many artists from other cities come here to add their art to the wall…”

Gator Glob: Art & About: Painting the town
“Now, I feel like every dream and passion can be a reality if you really want it,” Gainesville’s Urban Art Curator said. “I worked on this project for half of the year being totally unpaid, spending all my time, without being sure things would work out. It was very happy time. I met a lot of amazing people and made many friends, also my English was improved while writing thousands of emails and giving presentations.”
Iryna might still feel somewhat like a stranger in Gainesville, but she has stamped her identity onto the Gainesville artistic map with 18 murals already created by 8 international artists and 13 local artists….”

WUFT: 352WALLS Project Adds Culture And Inspiration To City
“..Despite some initial bumps and bruises, project founder and curator, Iryna Kanishcheva, said the first year was a success. Using this year’s event as a learning experience, Kanishcheva said they want to make this event ongoing, inviting artists from other countries to come paint murals in Gainesville as the months continue.”.

Alligator: Murals bring color and culture to downtown Gainesville
“…The project began with Iryna Kanishcheva, the project curator, who proposed the idea after photographing and studying murals around the world. She talked to building owners in downtown and then approached Visit Gainesville, Etling, 60, said…”

Downtown Gainesville: Muralists Leave Lasting Impressions on Gainesville
“..The mural project was the brainchild of Iryna Kanishcheva, a Ukraine native and current Gainesville resident. She organized the artists and secured the walls for them to work on. “I tried to choose artists with the most different styles and techniques,” said Kanishcheva, a professional photographer who has chronicled street art around the world. “These are artists who are all young and do the best work. They are all relevant.” “Every city can afford this kind of project, but not every city will accept it like Gainesville has,” Kanishcheva said. “I think it’s because Gainesville is a young, open-minded city.”
Russell Etling, the city’s Cultural Affairs manager, said the community is indebted to Kanishcheva for her 352walls curating efforts. “She had a vision for how urban art, particularly murals, could change cities,” he said. “She was dogged in finding the support to make it happen…”

WUFT: Regional, International Artists Paint the Town with 352Walls Project
“… Kanishcheva, also the official photographer for the project, developed the idea based on her experience living in Europe and throughout the United States. Initially, she said she thought that Gainesville was too small of a city and the idea wouldn’t take hold. But after seeing similar projects in Hollywood, Sarasota and St. Petersburg, Florida, Kanishcheva told herself that size didn’t matter and presented her ideas to the city. The City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department is functioning as the project coordinator, in conjunction with Kanishcheva, said Russell Etling, the department’s cultural affairs manager.“This is a really interesting example of citizen initiative that was in the right place at the right time and brought together a number of different entities to make it a reality. As curator, Kanishcheva was in charge of selecting the buildings and artists for the murals. She contacted specific building owners to ask permission to paint their walls.”
The artists were chosen based on experience and different styles of painting. These artists, Kanishcheva said, work with stencils, spray paint, brushes, abstract styles, classical styles and even pieces of cloth when creating their murals. The 10 murals at the Make.Work building combine different mediums and color schemes of art. Kanishcheva said she organized the murals in a general color scheme, starting with dark, monochromatic pieces that developed into bright, colorful murals. In the case of regional artists, she selected artists who both had and hadn’t previously worked with murals. She said she wanted to give these artists a chance to showcase their talents, as they may not otherwise have the chance in this capacity. “We wanted to find some new talented artists in Gainesville who probably could represent Gainesville in the international urban arts in the future,” she said..”.

City of Gainesville: 352walls/The Gainesville Urban Art Initiative to Transform Downtown Gainesville
“This international project serves to strengthen our cultural stature,” said Iryna Kanishcheva, 352walls curator. “This is bigger than any one mural; the city is our canvas.” The evening features a photography exhibition of work by curator Iryna Kanishcheva”

The Gainesville Sun: Library gives children hands-on graffiti experience
“…Children’s librarian Alix Freck teamed up with Iryna Kanishcheva, curator of the Gainesville Urban Art Project, to provide library visitors with a hands-on graffiti experience. Kanishcheva hoped to further educate visitors by displaying 18 framed photos of the 34th Street Wall – the only place for Gainesville’s urban artists to work without fear of getting in to trouble. Kanishcheva said the event corresponds with her goal to spotlight all things art related in the Gainesville community. She hopes local artists can make a name for themselves legally, and one day represent Gainesville on a national level.
Her upcoming project, 352Walls, begins in November. An art commission will review the work of both international and local artists before choosing about 10 people to create murals throughout Gainesville.“We want to create a museum out of the street,” she said… Until then, Kanishcheva enjoys introducing people to the world of urban art.”

The Gainesville Sun: Eight Seconds nightclub trades cow facade for abstract mural
“Gainesville resident Iryna Kanishcheva curated the project, she said, as part of her goal to improve the city, bring people happiness and generate a voice for artists. She gave 2501 eight options before they chose the side of Eight Seconds as the canvas. 2501 likes the bar for its shape, and Kanishcheva likes improving the visual appeal of a busy downtown intersection.”I was looking for the most ugly, empty, dirty buildings,” Kanishcheva said. She said that 10 international artists are coming to Gainesville in November to paint murals as part of her Urban Art Project — an attempt to inspire residents who enjoy creating or observing art.
Stathe Karahalios, Eight Seconds’ property manager, said projects like Kanishcheva’s are creating an unintentional art district that could attract tourists. “Eating and drinking is here, but you need something more than that,” he said. “When you add the arts to it, it’s a whole new dimension…”

Alachua County Library District: Graff Art Party at Tower Road offers urban art and graffiti
“This afternoon program introduces graffiti and urban art via several local artists doing live paintings and teaching children how to do graffiti using stencils and creating their own designs. Iryna Kanishcheva, editor in chief and photographer of, a new website about street art in Gainesville, will present a gallery of photographs starring local street art and graffiti. 
Kanishcheva’s career was in pharmaceutics until she moved from her native country of Ukraine to France where she studied art and discovered an appreciation of street art across Europe. She moved to Gainesville in 2013 and shortly afterward organized a European Street Art photography documentary for the Display Gallery at 439 S. Main Street. She is now working on other urban art projects in Gainesville.”

International Press

Another Scratch in The Wall: Intervista a Iryna Kanishcheva, curatrice e proprietaria della GNV URBAN ART LLC
“Questa è la volta, invece, della seconda conoscenza dell’anno, quella di Iryna Kanishcheva, proprietaria della GNV URBAN ART LLC. La sua conoscenza è ancora più casuale (e, dunque, bellissima) di quella fatta con Tim: Iryna ci ha infatti contattati a ottobre per proporci un pezzo, ” Aciarium and Lavandula Angustifolia”, del nostrano Fabio Petani a Mykolaivka, nella sua terra d’origine, l’Ucraina. “Non è un mio progetto – ci aveva detto all’epoca – ma mi piace sostenere questo artista e il mio Paese”…”

Woman Magazine issue №6/2016: Искусство, которое нас объединило
“За последний год Киев стал настоящей столицей стрит-арта в Северной Европе. Муралы известных талантливых художников со всего мира украсили не одну столичную высотку. Изображения на стенах киевских домов созданы в рамках проекта “Art United Us”. Главная его цель – обратить внимание общественности на самые сложные и актуальные проблемы современности – войну, агрессию и насилие. Организаторы проекта Гео Лерос и Ирина Канищева имеют большой опыт в создании подобных проектов. Именно они отбирают 200 лучших художников с разных уголков планеты…”

Dirigible: Мурал: що це, навіщо і звідки прийшло в наше місто
“За перетворення невеликого містечка у центр вуличної культури взялася українка Ірина Каніщева. Її проект у американському Гейнсвілі, штат Флорида, називається 352walls, тобто «352 стіни». Проект існує вже рік. За цей час його творцям вдалося вибороти престижну премію Public Art Awards і перетворити нікому не відоме містечко у центр вуличного мистецтва…
Тим часом Ірина курує в іншій частині земної кулі ще один проект — Art United Us. Його метою є привернення уваги світу до проблем війни, агресії, пропаганди та інформаційного зомбування. Але не пропагандою, а мистецтвом…”

Domus Design issue №9/2016: Социальный арт, или мурал
“Изысканными муралами на фасадах своих многоэтажек Киев обязан социальным активистам Гео Леросу и Ирине Канищевой, которые буквально за пару лет принципиально изменили облик столицы...” Интервью.

I Support Street Art: Meeting Point – Iryna Kanishcheva (Interview)
Photographs by Iryna Kanishcheva. “…Iryna Kanishcheva is a young, US based, Ukrainian curator, photographer and founder of several fine street art projects. On this edition of Meeting Point, we speak with her and learn more about her dreams and projects!!”

Boston Voyager Magazine: Meet Iryna Kanishcheva (Interview)
Photographs by Iryna Kanishcheva. “…Six years ago when I was working in the pharmaceutical sector in Ukraine, I had no idea that I would soon be initiating the first urban art project in North Florida that would change the look of downtown Gainesville for years. Moving to the United States changed my life in ways that I couldn’t imagine, and my passion for street art and photography has grown deeper through my experiences here….”

Brooklyn Street Art: Selections From SHINE Mural Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida
Photographs by Iryna Kanishcheva. “…Shine is a good example of a mural project when the community is involved,” says an organizer Iryna Kanishcheva, who has had a great deal of experience working with Street Artists in the last few years, including a very successful program in Kiev…” Graffiti Street: SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival, Florida 2017
Photographs by Iryna Kanishcheva. “…Iryna Kanishcheva was invited to take photos of the murals for this year’s festival…”

Street Art United States: Interview With Iryna Kanishcheva
Photographs by Iryna Kanishcheva. “…Iryna Kanishcheva was born and raised in Ukraine where she had a successful career working in the pharmaceutical sector. She completely changed her focus when she moved to the USA in 2013. Following her latest solo show “layers” in the University of Florida, I sat down with Iryna and asked her a few questions about the show, her projects, and upcoming plans…..”

Urbanite Webzine: “Layers” a photo exhibition by Iryna Kanishcheva
Photographs by Iryna Kanishcheva. “…This fall photographer and independent curator Iryna Kanishcheva presented an interesting photo collection entitled “Layers” at the Gary R. Libby Gallery in Gainesville, Florida, that explores a previously undeveloped direction: abstract photography in the study of urban art….”

Brooklyn Street Art: Xav Paints New Mural In Kiev and Meets Racist Resistance 
Photographs by Iryna Kanishcheva. “…When talking about this new mural, both artist and organizers still stand by it and are glad they persevered to complete it, even if it took a month instead of two weeks as planned. In Kanischeva’s view, the success of the program hinges on pushing questions about racism and other social issues like these to the fore, where they can be openly discussed….”

Graffiti Street: Connecting Communities Through Public Art, TED talk 2017 “…The GraffitiStreet team caught up with street art curator, and photographer, Iryna Kanishcheva to congratulate her on her recent TED Talk ‘Connecting Communities Through Public Art’, forming part of the TEDxUFprogramme. Iryna speaks about her recent ‘Art United Us’ curated projects, from the special mural in Chernobyl, to the front line in Ukraine … an inspiring and passionate talk. ….”

TEDxUF: Connecting Communities Through Public Art “…Iryna presents a beautiful portfolio of street art that represents a classic form of artistic expression; activism. Bringing her international experience to her local community, she tells the story of how her experience enabled her to transform downtown Gainesville, FL into a sight worth seeing….” Art United Us Curator Iryna Kanishcheva (IWD special)  “…This day is set for recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women, and one woman who deserves a mention is Iryna kanishcheva, the co-founder of Art United Us. Her passion for photography and street art is evident and she is fast becoming a big contributor to the urban art scene. Iryna has proved that with passion, dedication and drive you can accomplish your vision…” Street Artist Ruben Ubieras Life Size Whale Mural Creates Shock Waves in Gainesville Florida 2017 “…PangeaSeed Foundation teamed up with curator Iryna Kanishcheva for the activation of Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans in Gainesville, Florida.  Gainesville already has a vibrant street art scene thanks to Iryna Kanishcheva, and to work with Pangeaseed to generate awareness surrounding global ocean environmental issues was a welcomed addition. The artist chosen for this mural was Ruben Ubiera, a Miami-based and renowned artist….”

Gesellschaft + Kultur Jan/2017: Neues Habitat an der Wand


Graffiti Art Magazine, issue №33/2016: Art United Us “Raising awareness about the situation in Ukraine, a country facing violent tensions with its Russion neighbor, such is the mission of Art United Us created by the two Ukrainian Iryna Kanishcheva and Geo Leros… Since spring 2016, dozens of local and international artists have voiced their discontent regarding this conflict on Ukrainian city walls, from denunciating abuse of power, to tributes and messages of hope…”


Uninhibited Urban Art Magazine, issue №4/2016: 352walls – Gainesville Urban Art Initiative
Photographs by Iryna Kanishcheva. “A Ukrainian business manager trained in Pharmaceutical Technologies turned “mural artist lover” took Gainesville by storm with incredible artists flooding local “un-pretty” walls with gorgeous and colorful murals. She worked tirelessly with 352 walls/ the Gainesville Urban Art Project which is a groundbreaking tourism development initiative for the community that aims to position Gainesville as a cultural destination, foster economic development and promote urban renewal…”

Instagrafite: “Art United Us: Mother of Motherland” by James Reka and Interview to Iryna Kanishcheva “ArtUnitedUs is an international ongoing festival co-curated by Iryna Kanishcheva, Geo Leros and Waone Interesni Kazki. Their project collaborates through artistic and creative mediums with communities to raise public awareness and attention to the problem of war, aggression and violence. 200 walls will be painted during the next 2 years, starting from Kiev (The Capital of Ukraine) and without boundaries around the world. We recently talked to ArtUnitedUs curator and cultural manager, Iryna Kanishcheva, who explained a little bit of how the idea of ArtUnitedUs came up and what’s the future of the project….”

Ukrainian art project draws the best street artists to Kiev“…The ArtUnitedUs project was founded by young Ukrainian cultural figures Geo Leros, Iryna Kanishcheva, Waone Interesni Kazki with an aim to unite the creative powers that will battle the forces of evil and destruction to promote peace in the community. The project was launched in late March this year with a mural painted by a Russian street artist Rustam QBic. Since then, new murals are being created in Ukrainian capital every week. Besides fighting the conflict with art, ArtUnitedUs also wants to draw attention back to Ukraine and show that it is much more than a war zone and corrupt country. “Many other countries started forgetting that there is still war in Ukraine. People die, but not so many in order to report about them on TV,” explains one of the founders, photographer Iryna Karnisheva. “People still live, work and do all that is possible for cultural and economical development in Ukraine and its revitalising. We want to tell people about it. We want to show, that despite all the war pressure we still can be great,” Iryna says about the project’s aims…”