– What’s your name or artist name, if you don’t mind to say?
– My name is Ryno.
– Is that what we see on this wall, right?
– Yes, R-Y-N-O.
– Where are you from?
– Bronx, New York.
– New York?? Why are you here?
– Just to paint.
– You came here from New York just to paint?
SONY DSC– No, I’m on vacation in Florida.
– What do you think about street art in Gainesville?
– I’ve seen only this wall, not every city has a place like this…
– Yeah, we have this permission wall, it is like a landmark, everybody can paint here…
– Permission wall . . . it’s great!
– How much time did it take you?
– A couple hours… It’s kind of hot. You have to stop, take a break…
– What is your personal purpose, why are you doing graffiti?
– I’ve been doing graffiti since 1989, for years. It is a way I live. It is a culture. I like it.
SONY DSC– Have you ever been arrested?
– A couple times…
– But it didn’t stop you, right? 
– No, no, no… Like I said, it is a culture, it is the way I live. If you do graffiti you have problems in the street, you have problems with laws.
– What do you think about Marvel characters on this wall? Mmm… It is a bit damaged already…
– It’s art, it’s creative, it’s nice. I can’t do it, but it is nice.
– Haha, ok, thank you!


SONY DSC– Where are you from?
– Connecticut…
– Why are you here?
– Why I’m here? ‘Cause I heard that Gainesville has street art, so I wanted to add my flavor to it.
– Ohh, you are helping us to improve street art….
– Absolutely!
– It is not finished yet but I think it is going to be something interesting.
SONY DSC– I think so too.
– What do you do besides graffiti? Are you an artist?
– Yes, I’m an artist, I do tattoos, I’m making a living from art… I think funding should go to more artistic types of things for the future, for the kids, you know…
– What do you think about this wall?
– It is nice public wall, everybody can do whatever they want. I think that’s pretty cool.
SONY DSC– You know that technically it is not legal?
– Oh no?
– Technically no, but nobody cares about it for many years, like 10 or 20… So people can express themselves.
– I heard you won’t be in trouble if you paint here…
– No, you won’t, haha. I think this wall helps to stay away from tagging anywhere else in Gainesville. 
– It is pretty cool that it continues to be allowed, open-minded… I hope we will get more walls for art, like I said, for the future.
– I hope so too, thank you!

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  1. VAN594

    Respect to both these guys, dope to see out of state writers hitting up the wall

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