Soul Cypher 15 Graffiti Expo

Soul Cypher is a free, 3-day hip hop festival and competition held in Gainesville, FL with the goal of promoting positive hip hop culture from the North Central Florida area. This annual event is organized by the alumni and current student members of the Hip Hop Collective at the University of Florida. In the past 15 years, Soul Cypher has brought in guests and competitors from across North America to the Florida scene to produce a particular kind of atmosphere – a big jam with a close and personal vibe.

When: November 13th – 15th, 2015

Day 3‬ will be dedicated to the visual arts: graffiti writing.
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Christopher Montoya, the Executive Director of Soul Cypher, answered us some questions:

How many graffiti artists are you going to invite?
We hope to get at least 6 – 8 artists to join us for the Soul Cypher 15 Graffiti Expo. We have an open invitation and registration form through our media platforms, the event is completely free. Additionally, we will have spaces for the general public to get a feel for graffiti art as well! Again, there is no entry fee needed to join us. All are welcome!

What are the criteria for choosing artists?
There is no specific criteria other than a love for the art and the greater hip hop community here in Florida. Our overall goal is to expand the culture by creating more opportunities for artists to connect and build together and for the general public to build a greater interest in art. This is seen in both our competitive events and our exhibitions for the other hip hop elements during Day 1 and Day 2 of Soul Cypher.

Will you provide all the supplies or they have to bring something?
The walls and primer are part of our budget and we will do our best to provide some basic colors and other supplies – but it is recommended artists bring their own paint, specifically if they have brands of spray paint that they prefer.

What is going to happen with those ‘mock walls’ after the event?
Artists are welcome to keep their work or sell it to an interested individual or group on the day of the event! All work left by the end of the day will be used to promote art and hip hop culture in our community. Our parent organization, the Hip Hop Collective at UF, will be able to use the work during showcases and workshops on the UF campus and around Gainesville. Additionally, our venue, Curia on the Drag, may be interested in keeping one of the works as part of a personal collection!
Where they could go to complete their registration? Is there any deadline?
Our registration form can be found here.
This link is also available on our Facebook event page and our website –
The deadline for registration is: Friday, October 23, 2015.
Artists: check-in at Curia on the Drag beginning at 11 AM on Sunday, November 15, 2015.
Whatever else you would like to tell us?
Come out and build with us Sunday afternoon, November 15, 2015! If you don’t want to wait until Day 3 of SC15, the 34th Street Wall is a space available to do work. Be sure to check out Days 1 and 2 as well. Soul Cypher is an event that celebrates all elements of hip hop art, help us build our community and a more positive culture.
Thank you to Curia on the Drag for hosting us this year, to for connecting with us and to the Florida Hip Hop community. Finally, a shout out to the UF and Santa Fe students and alumni who have helped to build the Hip Hop Collective since the beginning. 15 years and running, let’s keep it moving!
Vibe. Culture. Respect

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