Uninhibited Urban Art Magazine in Gainesville. Interview with the Founder

Miami based, Uninhibited Urban Art Magazine that offers insights into some of the best urban artists from around the Globe is now in Gainesville!  Iryna Kanishcheva took an interview with the Founder and Editor-in-Chef of the project Clara Vanessa Avalo .

How long does the mag exist and how long did it take you to run it?
It was a very interesting process and one that only took two and half months to make. I think it might be a record of some sort. The magazine was launched December 05, 2015 at the X contemporary art fair in Wynwood, Florida. We had an incredible turn-up with about 200 guests, and the support of street artists from all over the world. It was an amazing night.

How you became involved in urban culture? Tell a bit about yourself.
I am by trade a Luxury Real Estate Broker. I like to focus on selling properties with urban art or contemporary art integrated into it. I am also the Relations Director for X Contemporary Art fair which shows during Art Basel Miami. I was born in Dominican Republic but grew up in Boston, Mass., since the age of 10. I moved to Miami to go to college in the late 80’s where Wynwood was a great although dangerous place to be around if you like graffiti. Although I come from a fine art background, growing up in Boston you are surrounded by graffiti. While in Miami I would go to Wynwood with my college friends when no one would attempt to even visit the area. It has changed so, so much. Pascal, a photographer and friend of 6 years had visited Wynwood in 2013,
after living in Florida for 20 years. He immediately fell in love with it and decided to create a magazine in an effort to expose the artists behind these walls which was a feeling we shared. I write for fun so Pascal asked me to be one of the contributing writers. After the 3rd issue he asked me to partner up. Two years into it, I left our partnership and decided in September to create my own take on documenting street art with not only locals but also international urban /street artist.

What was the difficulties, funny or not funny at all things/stories about the organizational process?
We knew that time was upon us since we were determine to launch during art week Wynwood (art Basel Miami). It was a lot of pressure specially since I had just left my first street art publication which I owned with my former partner in September. I knew a lot of eyes were going to be upon us to see what we were going to deliver. I cocoon myself in my apartment and only would stop working to eat. My contributors except for two were all over seas so I worked at all kinds of hours. During this process I gained 20 pounds, cut my hair short, dye it brown which turned red. I looked like a pumpkin (laughing), then dye it back to my natural black color. Personally it was the most challenging timesince I embarked in the publishing world, but also the most rewarding. The magazine turned out beautiful, with great articles, and full of amazing street art murals. Most importantly it launched on time and the acceptance was remarkable.

How did you come up with the idea?
Well, I am good friends with the street artist’s duo The London Police‘s Chaz and Bob. I had planned to go to Ibiza, Spain last summer with my girlfriends. When that trip fell through Chaz suggested that I join them in Milan, Italy where they were going to be working on an exhibition at The Pinacoteca di Brera (Brera Art Gallery). This is the main public gallery/museum for paintings in Milan. Once there I met Gaia Gaudenzi and Niccolo Bonazzon organizers of such event and contributors to the magazine now. Also there was Douglas, Chaz’s brother. We started discussing my current magazine and its contents. I mentioned how I wished we could cover not just local artists as it was the grove of Talking Off The Wall, but all artists regardless of their address. This prompted an hour conversation about the possibilities of me starting my own publication. After Milan, we headed to the No Limits Boras art festival in Sweden where several internationally known streets artists were also invited. It was a great festival and a great week where more conversations about the possibility to create my own publication were discussed. On my last day there, Tristan Eaton was one of the last artists left working on his mural. As I hung around him while he finished his wall, he gave me great business pointers and was as well very supportive of the idea. I got back home so pumped up, I had to go with this idea and create what ended up been named Uninhibited (no longer restricted) Urban Art Magazine.

Where is the mag distributed and what are the conditions for partnership?
Uninhibited Urban Art Magazine is currently distributed from Miami to West Palm Beach. It is also in about 1 5 other states/countries. It is absolutely crazy how well the magazine has been accepted and now in only its 3rd issue it is been displayed in so many places. Slowly but with firm feet we are hoping to be creating something special that can move people and allow our beloved artist to be introduced in a more personal way to those admiring their work. To be honest is moving quicker than I thought and that is really exciting. We are working on the final touches of the website to launch hopefully in the next few weeks. For us it is a process. We want the magazine to be around for a while so we are very careful not to run too fast. UUAM is free in South Florida but you can get the membership which includes all for issues for only $20.00 U.S. dollars plus shipping which varies depending on the country.We are always looking for people who love this art form to collaborate with us. Photographers, writers, Marketing and Public Relationship professionals are welcome and they can reach us at uninhibitedart@gmail.com .

How do you select artists and events for your stories?
We like to select artists who are simply great in their artistry. We like to have a mix of well known artists and maybe not so well known artists to offer versatility and allow the world to experience talent regardless of longevity or international recognition. On our first issue we had Hoxxoh who is an internationally known artist from Wynwood, Miami, Florida. He was our cover artist
and I personally was thrilled to have him. I always wanted to work with him in my first publication so he was for sure my first choice for the cover. Of course the guilty accomplish of this project The London Police (UK), and one of my closest friends and supporter El Pez Barcelona (Spain). This was truly the perfect trio to jump start Uninhibited Urban Art Magazine. In the second issue we had the extraordinary Pixel Pancho on the cover (Italy), Abstrk (Cuban-American), who is also a very well known local artist residing in Miami and has been tagging Walls in Wynwood even before anyone knew what Wynwood existed. TwoOne (Japan), who resides in Australia and is one of the nicest artists I know. Third issue we had on the cover Cranio (Brazil), I love his characters which are his own interpretation of his beloved amazon forests. Entes Y Pesimo (peru) – this duo is amazing and very well respected in this industry. Last but not least our local French/Italian artist who has been leaving in West Palm Beach, Florida since his teenage years, Smogone. His talent is undeniable and I think more people should know his name. We pick projects that are interesting with a powerful meaning behind it, typically two to three projects per issue. The main purpose of this issue is to allow street art lovers to learn more about the artists behind the murals, to know their story, and understand their journey. Through the festivals and projects we cover we want to show how art can and does make a difference.

Future plans you like to share?
This issue we launched our collectors art cards which will be on sale on the website which we hope to launch in the next few weeks. We have had offers to do some projects and we are contemplating the possibilities of tackling them. Our most important job is to make sure this publication stays true to its essence and stays consistent providing amazing content.

Thanks so much for sharing with us all this information! We are happy to have Gainesville in the list of the most advanced readers! Exclusively in Hector Framing & Gallery everyone can get a copy of the magazine for free!

Uninhibited mag Hector
Hector Framing & Gallery. 702 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601

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We are proud to be the source where you can get a copy of UNINHIBITED, a Quaternary magazine dedicated to Urban Art all over the globe! This is the Summer edition. Thank you, Iryna Kanishcheva, for lighting the flame in Gainesville to such a relevant current art form. Make sure to stop by to pick up a free copy! – Hector Puig.

Uninhibited mag Hector gallery
Hector Framing & Gallery. 702 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601

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