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Murals in Gainesville
A guide to the street art scene in Gainesville



Art, music, dance, sport, and friendly competition to unify our community. All these kinds of creative diversity were celebrated at the Harmony Fest. GNV Urban Art took an interview with the main initiator of the project. Hello! Who are you and what was the event at the Northeast Park? What are the idea and the purpose […]


Grove Street Neighborhood just finished its new mural located at Warrington’s Furniture Repair. The 10th artwork of the project combined art and technologies with a groundbreaking collaboration between two creative local artists Steffen Vala and Liza Kholodkova.  Steffen Vala’s design for the mural reflects the historic hand tools that the neighborhood’s artisans use in their workshops, all […]

June 23, 2017

New sound. New lighting. New decor. Come check the new and unique space in Gainesville that was previously known as Gallery Ultralounge. Douglas Palmieri was inspired by some Miami clubs. He wanted to create something with a special atmosphere. “I was trying to separate my club versus the basic clubs here in Gainesville,” said Douglas. Jenna […]

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